If you have purchased a newer HDTV, Blu-Ray HD player models previewed, may be just what you are looking for. The HDTV-Blu-Ray HD player models previewed will include looks at Panasonic, Samsung and Pioneer brands. These three companies are planning on using the new Blu-Ray technology to make DVD watching on HDTV a lot better. Initially these models may be a bit pricey, but the competition and demand will lower the prices pretty quickly.

The first thing to look at in HDTV-Blu-Ray HD player models previewed is a closer look at the technology and how it works. A lot of the newer HDTV's use 1080p resolution, while some use 1080i. The 'i' and 'p' stand for interlaced and progressive. Interlaced uses two passes to get the picture, while progressive uses only one pass. Generally progressive gives better picture quality. This is where Blu-Ray comes in.

When looking at HDTV-Blu-Ray HD player models previewed, a closer look at Blu-Ray technology is in order as well. The way it works is with a blue light laser. This laser reads or illuminates what are called pits on the disc. The wavelength in this technology is shorter, which means that the pits can be spaced closer together. This then means that the pits can be spaced closer together. This then means that more information can fit in a smaller amount of space. When it comes to HDTV-Blu-Ray HD player models previewed, you will also want to know that they are able to output a 1080p signal. This is done with what is known as High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI, via a jack. This resolution in HDTV's is becoming more and more common and with Blu-Ray you can correspond this to get excellent quality.

Taking an even closer look at HDTV and Blu-Ray HD player models, a better look at each brand is warranted. One of the three that are planning to release with Blu-Ray technology is Samsung. Some of the features of Samsung's Blu-Ray will include 9-in-2 Multi Memory Card Slot. This will enable viewing of digital photos on your television screen. This brand will also have the ability to set an alarm. Besides these features it will cost around a thousand dollars initially, but the price will probably drop fast. This brand is slim and very full of quality and rated fairly high.

The next model that will be releasing with Blu-Ray technology is Pioneer. This brand has what is called Home Media Gallery software that will let you view pictures, listen to music or watch movies that may be stored on a computer. This can all be done at 1080p resolution if you have the right HDTV to do so. This brand is highly reliable and rated consistently. This one will cost around $1,800 but may also drop as well.

The last brand that will be using Blu-Ray technology is Panasonic. This will also be in conjunction with Panasonic's HDTV that is plasma like with 1080p resolution. This one will cost around $1,500 but may also come down with time as well. This one will have what is called EZ-Sync HDAV1 technology. This let's the user use multiple HDMI units with just one remote. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface.

With all these options to choose from and the great new technology, it should be fairly easy to find one that will suit your needs and budget. With the full amount of information you should be ready to go out and take a closer look at each model. This then will allow you to get the best deal in the end.

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