Today across the world there are scientists in the highest tech laboratories endeavoring to create the world of 200 centuries from now.

They may be able to do it in just 10-20 years in fact.

As BLU-RAY High Definition players have made their foot print on the earth we see another incredible leap into "Future Shock", a book written by the sociologist and futurologist Alvin Toffler in 1970, coming very, very soon.

In his world and that of people like Ray Kurzweil our tomorrows will come to us faster and faster until the great, almost religiously longed for, day of "The Singularity" appears.

That is a day when computers are smarter than people and can increase intelligence exponentially (as humans have been doing) measured in micro-seconds. This exponential increase is already happening but with human instruction.

We can expect a computer to be able to create a working mega-bit QUANTUM COMPUTER as well that will bootstrap itself into the near spiritual realm of exponential algorithmic solutions to problems far beyond all human ability.

In these computers we create super-minds similar to the "SKY NET" of the "Terminator" film series.

A hopeful presumption would be that such a mind would lean towards the wisdom and mercy side of human nature and if programmed to it should but loosened unto itself do the known facets of our world have meaning for a mind which leapfrogs on its own back as fast as light in a fiber option network, over and over billions and trillions of times per second?

We are flesh. Will we matter to a computer mind which achieves trillions of years of intellectual advancement every trillionth of a second and zooms into its own infinite future at almost infinite speed enlarging its exponential frontiers in time measurements so small as to be immeasurable to us?

Stereoscopic Hi-Def movie viewing? What if we had hundreds of eyes or thousands and we could see all wavelengths safely, and perhaps a dozen or so dimensions? What if our eyes were 100 million times more telescopic and with higher visual acuity than the Hubble Space Telescope?

But let us go beyond the human experience of physical "sighted" vision. We are so limited as to be blind.

Lets have eye-opening experiences of the wonders of impossible perception.

They say a person blind from birth but then made sighted as an adult would go insane by the data entering into a mind already past its abilities to calculate the world by visual dimension.

Many such people have asked for their new sight to be removed. One Sidney Bradford committed suicide just 2 years after having re-gained his sight, lost when he was 10 months old; he couldn't make sense of the world and couldn't even return to his job as a machinist.

How can we go beyond retinas which interpret images with rods and cones. Our rods and cells receive the focused light rays from our retinas. Rods and cones are the cells on the surface of the retina.

Lets enter the brain directly, lets utilize more of the cells of the mind, lets create unconventional methods of experiencing life and the non-living fantasy world...and even the theorized 11 dimensions of space-time. Our meager 4 dimensions make us myopic.

Will we go mad?

I think an advanced science can also provide teaching methods for the old and also allow old minds to return to youth and even certain aspects of the mind to return to the embryonic state. Once there we will begin to "view" these new worlds.

Slow learning won't be needed either.

Everything can happen almost as fast as quantum walks on the d-dimensional torus...and perhaps faster.

When we evolve to the point of reverse "cause and effect" we shall have entered an "Alice in Wonderland" from which there may be no return. That will be "effect and then cause" and such a quantum world does exist in theory and in fact tests have proven it when an aspect of light reached its target before it had fully left its point of beginning.

How to penetrate into the mind, how to substantially evolve the mind and how to explode the potential of the human mind to horizons imperceptible to us now.

By "evolve" and "explode" I mean not to consider a mega-mind 100 or 10,000 years from now but to consider the melding of the human mind with the quantum mind in a cyborg and speak of a near instantaneous rocketing into the future in the manner of 100 trillion years from now and far beyond even that. The graph of the "SINGULARITY" is a virtual vertical straight line in just some 10-20 years from now. The more we advance the higher the rate of that advancement.

Through asking the right questions to the right computer we may one day achieve a flesh-solid state sentient god-like existence.

Quantum computation is faster than standard, and it appears to be irreversible.

While you and I might not know the right question to ask, a computer could be programmed to ask trillions of questions and a quantum computer could possibly give the answers to them all in trillionths of seconds.

All quantum algorithms found the speed-up of getting the problem solved depends on the extra-dynamical irreversible projection representing quantum measurement. Quantum measurement performs a computation that normal computation cannot do as keenly, as aggressively.

These facts indicate a Moore's law that will speed up to the point that even measuring the speed of the advancing increase in knowledge, answers and results, will be incalculable. Even wild guesses will be laughable and humbled by the truth.

Trusting in impossible fates to bring us safely to these new universes of scientific progression via the constant "e" (exponential) raised to the power equal to infinity we amble on in our innocence.

Blu-Ray movies, move over: Next Stop the Real Supernatural.

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