The blu-ray disk technology was introduced in the market in 2006. This new and advanced format of Blu-ray BD disk can store more data and is capable to playback high definition HD audio, photos, videos along with digital contents of other types.

A standard Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) has the capacity to record data approximately up to 4.7GB. This 4.7GB is the capacity of a single sided DVD. This storage capacity of DVD is approx. equal to an average of 2 hours, along with some extra features. On the other hand to run a HD movie, it requires bandwidth of five times more. Therefore, the disk should also have 5 times more capacity to hold the data.

With the passage of time, the movie studios and the TV sets are shifting towards the high definition. Therefore, the audience needs to have playback systems that provide more capacity and speed. The blu-ray technology is considered as the next generation of DVD. The bluray format has the technology to playback, store and record the high definition HD audio and video as well.

The blu-ray disk is more likely to replace the Digital versatile disk DVD. The blu-ray disk will soon become the standard for viewing HD movies and PC data storage. As the blu-ray format provides its users increased capacity and advanced interactivity, therefore, most of the leading entertainment companies of the world are now adapting and shifting towards the new blu-ray technology. The Blu-ray format provides approx. up to 66% greater recording capacity as compared to the other High definition DVD formats.

With the passage of time, the demand has increased for the media to store higher capacity of data with better sound and picture quality. The blu-ray technology fulfills this requirement, and provides the recording flexibility.

There are 3 media types of the blu-ray disc format BD-RE ( blu-ray rewritable format), BD-R ( blu-ray write-once format ) and the BD-ROM ( blu-ray read-only format ).The size of the DVD and blu-ray disk is the same. The structure of bluray disc format is different from the DVD, this is why the blu-ray structure enables it to store higher capacity of data.

The Sony blu-ray high precision disc has capacity to hold 50GB of data and has fast transfer rate of 72MB/sec. This recording capacity is approx. equal to ten standard digital versatile disks on 1 disc. There are less recording and playback errors in the Sony blu-ray disc due to a level of disk flatness. The Sony blu-ray disc is very robust against warping even in the humidity and severe temperature changes. The Sony blu-ray disc has hard coating. This hard coating prevents stains and dust therefore, the disc can perform more effectively. The AccuCORE technology has been introduced in the Sony blu-ray discs. This AccuCORE technology makes the Sony blu-ray disks more durable and reliable.