A survey was conducted by the Home Research Media during the first few months of 2007. The findings of the survey were that the in USA the blu-ray movies sale was almost double compared to the High Definition DVD's. The High Definition DVD disks are considered as the main competitor of blu-ray disks. According to the Home Media Magazine, about 1.6 million blu-ray disks were sold during the first six months, and the sale of High Definition DVD's during that period was about seven hundred and ninety five thousand.

The blu-ray technology was actually introduced and developed by the Sony Company. Keeping in view the increasing popularity of bluray disks, majority of the studios are releasing their movies in bluray format or both in blu ray and High definition DVD format. The blu-ray format gives the audience more sharper and brighter picture as compared to the other DVD formats. The bluray disks also offer high recording capacity. This high capacity of blu-ray helps to add interactive features and games as well along with the film.

The High Definition DVD disk was introduced by the Toshiba Corporation. The new blu-ray disks are giving tough time to the HD-DVD's. The blu-ray disk's market share is rapidly increasing. The blu-ray disk is the major rival of the High Definition DVD disks. During the start of 2008, Wal-Mart decided that their top most preference will be the blu-ray disks because of their increasing sales and popularity. This competition between HD-DVD & blu-ray is almost similar to the VHS & betamax in the 1970's.

Considering the increasing popularity of Bluray disks, most of the major Stores of United States decided to increase their High-definition stock with Blu-ray disks almost up to 75%. The Bluray disk format has advantage over other DVD formats because of its higher capacity to store data. The High-Definition DVD disk has storage capacity of about 30GB and is working to increase the capacity to 45GB. While on the other hand the blu-ray disc can store up to 50GB and development is being done to increase its storage capacity to 200GB.

The consumers mostly focus on the DVD disk with higher recording capacity that is where the blu-ray disk has captured most of the High- definition market share. The other reasons that made the blu-ray disk more popular were the support from the major studios like the Disney, Sony, Lionsgate etc.

The Sony Play Station also backed the bluray technology and also the gamers showed their interest in this blu-ray format. So, the gamer are willing to spend more dollars to buy the new blu-ray DVD disks. The prices of blu-ray format products are rapidly lowering down because of the improved and increased production. The increased competition is also a factor that helped to lower the prices of bluray products.

The hardware companies are now working on players that have the capability and technology to play both the DVD formats of bluray disk and High-Definition DVD as well. These drives are known as the dual format DVD players. Sony, LG and NEC are the companies that are manufacturing these dual format players. This is really amazing as Sony is the main supporter of the bluray technology. The reason of manufacturing the dual format players could be that the Sony does not want to loose in the competition of DVD formats.

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