A lot of people are having a hard time deciding between jumping to BluRay or continuing on with DVDs. There was a competition between which way technology would go- BluRay or HD-DVD. BluRay won. The biggest difference you will notice between dvd and BluRay is the price. Other than that, they look pretty similar.

Firstly, the biggest difference between DVD and BluRay is in the storage capacity. A regular DVD keeps around four hours on a double layer. A BluRay can hold about three times as much on a dual layer, and almost 4.5 hours of HD formatted content, as well as 13 hours of regular definition content. The lasers on both are also not the same.

Instead of the typical red laser like DVD uses, the Blu-ray uses a smaller blue laser. It makes for a more precise reading capability. The protective coatings on a Blu-ray disc are also much stronger and protect the disc better. The scratch resistance is higher for the Blu-ray. They are still delicate and should be handled with care, but are more resilient to everyday handling. The biggest selling feature for Blu-ray is the resolution factor.

A BluRay has twice the definition of a regular DVD. A BluRay definition is 1080, where the DVD is 480-520. Obviously, BluRay is best for HDTVs. BluRay players still play DVDs, they are not HD quality, though. Unless you purahse an upgrading DVD player, which will get pretty close to true HD if you add the HDMI cable to the hook up.

So, is the price of the Blu-ray player worth the price of admission? Once again, it is the only way to watch true HD on an HDTV. The prices for the players has also come way down in the last couple of years and are less then what DVD players cost when they first came out. As an even better deal, you can basically get a Blu-ray player for free when you buy a Playstation 3. It will play all of you standard DVDs as well as Blu-rays. It is an easy way to justify the purchase as you get two systems, a gaming console and a Blu-ray player in one package for under $400. Just make sure that you hook it up with an HDMI cable. It makes all the difference in the world.