The home movie industry was greatly changed with the introduction of the Blu Ray DVD disc and player. The Blu Ray technology is an optical disc storage medium designed by Sony that provides high definition video with a massive 50 GB of storage capacity. Today there are more than 1500 movies on Blu Ray disc and the players are affordable and easily accessible.

Blu ray disc readers use Blue laser to read and write the data to the disc. This is a shorter wavelength and allows for substantially more data ( 6 times more) to be stored on a Blu-ray disc than can be on a DVD disc. There are two types of discs available, the standard size which is 12 cm in diameter and holds 25 GB on a single layer or 50 GB on a dual layer; and the mini disc which is only 8 cm in diameter and holds 7.8 GB on a single and 15.6 GB on a dual layer.

There are four Blu-ray disc player options available, the audio only player that has no video decoding requirements, and three video player options. It is not a compulsory requirement that the players are backwards compatible but most are capable of reading DVD and CD's. Making this a standard means more people will be able to pull in their existing DVD library without the additional costs of replacing them in Blu-ray format.

There are many companies who make Blu-ray players on the market today, and Sony is the leader of the pack. Sony players are available in many different structures and you will find a version to fit your entertainment system needs. You will need to decide what you are wanting your cinematic experience to be before deciding on what player to purchase and also what price range you want to stay within.

The Sony BDPS350 is a player that has 1080p high definition picture, a 7.1 surround sound system built in, with 24 p true cinema. It also comes with Dolby Digital plus. The case colour is standard black. The Sony BDPS350 Blu-ray player is considered as close to a cinematic experience as one can get making

The Sony BDP-S350 plays the following formats in discs, DVD + Video R/RW, CD playback and AVCHD playback. It is effortlessly upgraded for firmware by connecting the player to the internet, this will also allow the owner to download studio specific content such as trailers, interviews and other extras. Watching your Blu-ray movies will be almost instant, taking just 6 seconds to start with the quick start up mode. Watching a movie with this player will give the viewer a cinema like experience not gotten from DVD.

The Sony BDP-S550 Blu-ray player is a player ramped up to the next level of entertainment. The S550 Blue-ray player is a complete home entertainment system with 1080p, full high definition and 7.1 surround sound. Besides have the ultimate in sound experience, this blur ray player gives instant access to studio specific content and the precision cinema HD technology allows you to convert standard definition signals to 1080p with the use of a HDMI cable. The remote is backlit so surfing in the dark with the remote will be a breeze.

Sony makes a wide range of Blu-ray players so choosing one will be the hardest part of your shopping experience. The price ranges are easy on the wallet so there is a Sony player for everyone. Blu-ray movies are comparable to DVD in price making it fairly easy to switch over from DVD.

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