Now that the switch to digital television is over. It's time to pony up the money and invest in a bluray player to complement your HDTV. Blu-Ray HD player models are now in demand, If you are looking for a blu-ray player, how do you know which ones are the best?

Well, that is a tough question, we will give you a preview of what bluray players are out there and our suggestions as to what to look for in term of pricing, color, aesthetics and easy of use. The HDTV Blu-Ray HD player models we previewed will include Panasonic, Samsung, Pioneer & Sony brands. These 4 companies are planning on using the new Blu-Ray technology to make DVD watching on HDTV a lot better. In the beginning these models may be a bit pricey, but competitions and demands will lower the prices pretty quickly.

sony ps3 still consider a good blu-ray player

So now that you've seen the current hot models, what do you think is the right bluray model for you? There is no right or wrong answer here. It's just a matter of taste, budget and comparative shopping. However, we do suggest you follow these guidelines:

1. Set a budget for yourself. Don't go over your budget and try to be the coolest kid on the block. Technology changes will drive demand as well as prices. Get the blu ray player that offer the most features you really want minus the bells and whistles. Look at the refurished blu-ray models for even better deals. These models have been reconditioned to manufacturer's standards and carries an additional 90 days warranty on top of the manufacturer's warranty in some cases. So shop around.

2. Speaking of features, ask yourself this question. Do I really care if it can stream videos from Netflix,YouTube,Pandora or other on-demand services. If the answer is yes, then you need to get a blu-ray player that will support BD-Live,Profile 2.0 with an ethernet port. The Ethernet port will be use to connect to your router so that it can stream videos directly from these online subscription services.

If you answer no, to the question above, then all you really need is a budget blu ray player that will play any blu-ray movies. Just make sure that it support most of the popular media formats that you are accustomed to,DVD+R,SVCD,VCD,WMV,VOB,MP3,JPG files, just to name a few. "Walmart has a #bluray player for under a $100 buck, Magnavox #NB530MGX to $98 (in-store only)." -update: July 10, 2009 . Some of the better player will support AVCHD,xVID and Divx codec format.

3. In term of additional functionalities, some blu-ray models will have SD card slot or USB slot to plug in additional media for playback. Making it into a media device or a media hub for more family entertainment. Yet, other models will incorporate a wireless port for even greater flexibility. Again, bells & whistles here, but it makes view home videos, movies and family photos a more dynamic experience on your HDTV. One thing to keep in mind, adding an additional device to the player can sometimes generate more heat. So keep the blu-ray player in a well ventilated space or give it time to cool down between playing movies back to back.

4. Since your entertainment center is the centerpiece of any living room, make sure to buy a blu-ray player that matches your decor. We really like the piano black look, this really complement the slick Pioneer and Samsung HDTV products line. We're not a big fan of the metallic blue on some of the older Sony model. Don't get us wrong, Sony makes great products, but we felt that metallic blue kind of remind us of the cheap HTPC days. The focus point should not be on the blu ray player, but more on the actual HDTV itself as you want the best images to draw your attention & invite your viewer to sit down. This is an area we feel most companies over looked. All bluray models should be slick, slim and transparent to the rest of the entertainment center.

5. On a finally note, most high end players will also support these audio formats: Dolby TrueHD, Master HD-DTS. If you don't know what these are, you can Google it. But it is nothing more then 2 competing standards in audio that will playback audio in the newer 7.1 surround sound digital format. Meaning that the sound can travel thru your HDMI cable in its digital format straight thru your sound receiver. No need to upgrade your sound receiver and spend even more money. See more models: Blu-ray players

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