According to "LOS ANGELES (April 27, 2009) – DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group released first quarter U.S. sales figures for the home entertainment industry today. Consumer spending for the first quarter 2009 in the home entertainment window for pre-recorded entertainment, which includes DVD, Blu-ray Disc and digital distribution, was $5.3 billion, off by five percent compared to the same period last year."

Despite the rough ecomony, Blu-ray sale was more then 90 percent and digital distribution was also up 19 percent for this quarter. Rental DVD and Blu-ray were up by one percent for the first quarter.
"It is clear that home entertainment’s stability is fueled by Blu-ray’s popularity, said Bob Chapek, Chairman, DEG and President, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. Blu-ray’s tremendous performance can be attributed to its unsurpassed picture and sound quality. Moreover, we remain confident that demand for Blu-ray will continue to grow given that it is a revolutionary platform.”

According to figures compiled by Swicker & Associates on behalf of DEG, roughly 20 millions Blu-ray discs have been shipped in the first quarter of the year. That's a 108 percent increase when compared to last year's figures. Much of blu-ray's success attributes to the death of Toshiba's HD-DVD format. Now that the format war is over, even Toshiba will soon release a Blu-ray player as well. Sales of all Blu-ray compatible devices, including set-top players, PC drives and PlayStation 3 consoles are now in more than 10.5 million U.S. homes.


Q 2006 2007 2008 2009
1Q 1.694 9.220 19.166
2Q 3.542 12.616
3Q 3.214 12.718
4Q 1.262 9.540 28.6

2006 2007 2008 2009
1.262 17.99 34.554 19.166
TOTAL(since launch)

Figures compiled by Swicker & Associates on behalf of DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group

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