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Toshiba Unveils Blu-ray Player

The BDX2000 provides 1080p digital output and supports Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0, which Sony calls BD-Live, to take advantage of interactive features through an Ethernet connection.

Blu-Ray DVD Players - The Next Big Thing in Home Entertainment

Blu-ray is the next big thing in home entertainment, it will probably replace the current DVD technology. Here are a few reasons why you should embrace this new technology in home entertainment.

Sony Release new PS3 slim for $299

The fourth generation of hardware released for the PlayStation 3 entertainment platform, the PlayStation 3 120GB system is the next stage in the evolution of Sony's console gaming powerhouse. Loaded with a mix of multimedia features and functions available on earlier PlayStation 3 models, as well as a series of new advancements and refinements, the PlayStation 3 120GB system is destined to push the envelope in the realm of Next-Generation entertainment.

Disney to release Monsters, Inc. on Blu-Ray

Disney has announced that Monsters, Inc. and UP will be released on November 10 on Blu-ray. Fans of the Monsters, Inc. characters will surely want to grab this title when it comes out. The expected MSRP for the Blu-ray $34.99 and $14.99 for the DVD version.

Bluray Movies - Ultimate Hi Definition Entertainment

Bluray movies provide ultimate theater like entertainment experience. Superb audio visual effects are unmatched. All your favorite titles are available. Conversion of religious spiritual movies and those of similar niche genres is desirable. It may take some time for a movie download site can offer a bluray quality downloads.

Panasonic Announces Availability and Pricing for DMP-B15

World's First and Only Portable Blu-Ray Disc Player -Panasonic DMP-B15

The Bestselling Blu-ray Players Review - Our Top Pick of the Best Blu-ray players

Now that the switch to digital television is over. It's time to pony up the money and invest in a bluray player to complement your HDTV. Blu-Ray HD player models are now in demand. If you are looking for a blu-ray player, how do you know which ones are the best?

The Media Factor of the Blu-Ray DVD Disk

The blu-ray is the new, advanced and enhanced disk format in the category of High definition DVD (Digital Versatile Disc). The blu-ray's media factor is similar to that of the Compact disk and Digital Versatile Disc formats. This new format of blu-ray was introduced and developed by the BDA ( Blu-ray disk Association).

Toshiba Applies to Join Blu-ray Disc Association

Tokyo—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) announced today that the company has applied for membership of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) and plans to introduce products that support the Blu-ray format.

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